Beautiful, compelling communications design in concert with your excellent product or service can be a powerful business asset.


My expertise is with businesses who are ready to level-up from current template-driven or bargain-level work. I also work with businesses that need to leverage their investment in a superior brand identity while keeping costs in check.

My service offerings include…


Logos and brand identity
Your logo is just the beginning of a system that incorporates color, typography and image selection to create a distinctive and durable brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Specific items can include logos, stationery, signage – along with visual strategy for websites, print collateral, and advertising.

Brand message and content development
We business owners know all about the hundreds of things our products and services do to provide value to our customers. Our problem is we want to tell them all to everyone who will listen – when we need to focus on the messages that are most meaningful to our audience. My brand messaging service looks at your business from their customers’ point of view and identifies what sets you apart and establishes a framework for key messages, content development and design. I can also work with your existing content to structure and sharpen the messages you communicate.

Website design and development
Strategy, design, development and launch of custom websites built using WordPress or Shopify. All my websites are mobile friendly and come with basic SEO and site analytics. Projects can also include email marketing set up, Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn page design, domain registration, email setup and hosting, and ongoing site maintenance and support.

Packaging and print collateral design
For most businesses communication needs don’t end with a logo and a website. I have extensive experience designing consumer packaging, service brochures, trade show signage and everything else your business needs – seamlessly integrated with your brand identity so that you are always communicating clearly and with a consistent character.

How each project works

I use the following process to manage expectations, speed the delivery of the project and provide results based on objective goals. The majority of my projects take from three weeks to three months to complete, depending on the work required.

It all starts with a discovery meeting where we discuss your organization’s objectives and the project in-depth. We may also interview customers and users, and conduct an audit of your current marketing and competition. Together we work to uncover what makes your company and products distinct.

With what we learn from discovery, we will create a project plan that clearly defines how we are going to go about meeting our objectives. We may also develop brand messaging and marketing strategy plans depending on your needs.

This is where it all comes together and you get to see the visual design of your new logo, website packaging and or collateral. We present options for your review and feedback and work with you to ensure that the final solution meets our stated objectives.

In the final phase we apply our approved design standards in building your website and creating print ready art for any packaging or collateral you require. As needed we also provide design standards, workflow documentation, and ongoing support to help you maintain your brand communications over the long haul.

“Our investors noticed the new site and were very pleased. Since the launch we have had several unsolicited contacts from substantial and qualified prospects every week. It has turned out to be a great marketing tool.”

David Mather
President and Chief Operating Officer • MTPV