My work has been transformative for my clients, and follows three principles:

solve the problem

1) Solve the problem

Design isn’t just about making things pretty – it’s also about achieving objectives. Before I start design work, I take time to learn about my clients’ current situation and what they’re trying to achieve.

be beautiful

2) Be beautiful

My clients tell me that I have a clean approach to design that always looks current, but isn’t driven by today’s trends. I always strive to create beautiful work that’s on-brand and timeless.

get results

3) Get results

My super power is getting stuff done – and knowing what needs to be done vs. what’s a waste of time. After working with me, my clients start filling seats, selling products, and getting new customers — and getting copied by their competitors.

I have over 20 years of experience in the creation of all forms of graphic communications and have worked with clients of all sizes from best-selling authors to Fortune 500 corporations.

Jim Eaton

My design solutions not only look great – they also achieve intended business objectives.

I bring to the table a deep understanding of business marketing / communications issues, technical know-how, and design skills that can help your business to do things like:

  • Communicate your key differentiating strengths
  • Make your business look bigger and better than your competition
  • Give you greater confidence when you present your value to potential customers
  • Increase customer engagement and sales
  • Launch new product lines, educational programs, or ecommerce businesses