You offer an exceptional product or service and your customers love you – yet your website and marketing collateral may be getting in the way of your success.

Are you struggling to tell your story in a way that engages your customers?

Does your business look boring, small, or amateurish when compared to your competitors?

Are you trying to expand your product lines and maintain the integrity of your brand investment while keeping costs in line?

 I am passionate about creating beautiful brand identities, web sites, packaging and print collateral – and I’ve seen their power to inspire and excite the people who view them.

My work has been transformative for my clients, and follows three principles:


1) Be Beautiful

Beauty inspires engagement. 

I've always been inspired by beautiful images and their power to lift spirits and captivate attention. I'm passionate about creating beautiful design solutions.



2) Tell the Story

Good design is message-driven. 

Before I start design work, I take time to learn about my clients from the customer’s perspective to ensure that content is edited and structured in the most meaningful way. You won't see “Lorem Ipsum” on my design mock-ups!


3) Support the Brand

The brand informs design. 

Whether building a new brand or taking stewardship of an existing top-tier brand identity - I make it my business to serve the brand look and message with my solutions.

My design solutions not only look great – they also achieve intended business objectives.

I’m not a salesman who passes your project off to the B-team, and I’m not a typical one-dimensional creative. I bring to the table a deep understanding of business marketing / communications issues, technical know-how, and design & illustration skills that can help your business to do things like:

  • Communicate your key differentiating strengths
  • Make your business look bigger and better than your competition
  • Give you greater confidence when you present your value to potential customers
  • Increase customer engagement and sales

I have over 20 years of experience in the creation of all forms of graphic communications and have worked with clients of all sizes from best-selling authors to Fortune 500 corporations. My current clients are small to mid-size companies who are, or are striving to be leaders in their fields. What all of my clients share in common is the need for communications of the highest caliber.

“We’ve received many compliments from our customers and seen a marked increased in our conversion rates. Jim’s work is top-notch and projects are always delivered on time.”

David Kaplan
Director, Product Development • TicketsNow