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Jim Eaton

Is the inability to execute a quality website, on-brand packaging or coherent marketing campaign getting in the way of your success?

I can help you to:

  • Tell your story in a way that engages your customers
  • Expand your product lines while maintaining the integrity of your brand identity
  • Launch and grow a successful online business.

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  • It’s extremely hard to find people who can connect the dots.

    “Jim never shoots from the hip. He’s always looking at the big picture and helping us define what we want to accomplish before starting a project. He knows how to execute strategic plans while keeping everything consistent with our brand identity.”

    Rick LetiziaPresident, Wholesome Goodness

  • Jim’s always solving the problem – not just making it look pretty.

    “Jim brings both sides of the matter into his solutions. It’s not just the visual element, but how it all works with what we are trying to achieve as a business. He understands the marketing side.”

    Scott WilliamsFounder, Lease Harbor

  • The best business relationship I’ve ever had.

    “When we came to Jim, we didn’t have a secure foundation for our online business and things were unorganized. Since we’ve launched our new site, Jim has managed all aspects of our e-commerce and marketing, and the business has done nothing but grow. The quality of everything is top-notch and people in our industry now want to follow our lead.”

    David SmithManaging Partner, CMED, LLC

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