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Lease Harbor is an SAAS company that offers the best and most affordable lease accounting software solution on the planet. After over a decade of enormous success, the company grew complacent and found itself losing market share to inferior, but well funded, competitors as it approached its 20th anniversary. To re-establish their leadership position, I worked with company leadership to develop a new content strategy, refresh its brand identity and re-launch their website and marketing collateral.

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Immediate results
The new site and supporting collateral were launched at the beginning of 2021, and the company is already enjoying significant increases in requests for demos, and conversions to new customers. For a fraction of the investment put in by their competitors, the company is returning to its leadership position in the sector.

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With Jim’s help, we were able to get competitive again at a fraction of the cost that our competitors are paying for their marketing.

“We needed to re-differentiate our brand and re-establish our leadership. Jim refreshed our brand identity, helped us to structure our website and messaging, and updated the design of our application so that the entire customer to user experience is seamless. As a result, we’ve seen big increases in requests for demos and our conversions in converting demos into sales.”

Sean Black - Cofounder, Lease Harbor

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