Beautiful, compelling branding design in concert with your excellent product or service is a powerful business asset.

The Brand Plan

Get a roadmap to success. We start with a deep-dive interview where I will get to know everything about your business – where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Then I’ll help you identify what your opportunities are and what you need to start doing, and stop doing, to reach your goals.

Then you can implement on your own, or hire me to take care of it for you. The cost of The Brand Plan is applied to the full project if you move forward.

$900 $450 Case Study Price*


This package is for you if you need the essential tools and infrastructure to connect with your target audience wherever you are. This project may be a relatively quick excursion, but don’t underestimate its power to make your business highly profitable.

Deliverables may include: Wordmark logo and essential brand identity system, brochure website design and development, social media branding.

$9,000 $7,500 Case Study Price*

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You’ve been in business for a while and you require a more complex brand & website with additional collateral and/or marketing functions. This package meets the needs of most businesses I work with.

Deliverables may include: Logo and comprehensive brand identity system, brand messaging strategy, website with ecommerce for small product catalog, course design and set up, social media branding and templates, email marketing set up.

$15,000 $12,000 Case Study Price*

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You’re willing to do whatever it takes to capture every opportunity and become a dominant force in your space. This is for businesses looking for rapid growth with a highly customized brand, complex website and numerous marketing campaigns.

Deliverables may include: Logo and comprehensive brand identity system, brand messaging strategy and copy-writing, complex website with ecommerce for large product catalog and technical integrations, membership set up, course design and set up, social media branding and templates, email marketing set up.

$25,000 and up.

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* I’m implementing a new approach for delivering my services and I'm looking for a few “case study” clients that I can help get awesome results for and then show off.

Old Service Offerings

My service offerings include…

Graphic Design
For most businesses communication needs don’t end with a logo and a website. I have extensive experience designing consumer packaging, service brochures, trade show signage and everything else your business needs – seamlessly integrated with your brand identity so that you are always communicating clearly and with a consistent character.

Website Design & Development
Strategy, design, development and launch of custom websites built using WordPress or Shopify. All my websites are mobile friendly and come with basic SEO and site analytics. Projects can also include email marketing set up, Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn page design, domain registration, email setup and hosting, and ongoing site maintenance and support.

Does your business have a variety of ongoing design & marketing needs required to sustain growth over the long haul? Are you struggling to maintain brand continuity with ‘too many cooks’ or are you paying through the nose to work with an agency? For a select group of clients I am a trusted partner who they can rely on to launch new products and programs, or maintain ongoing marketing efforts. Over time I gain a deep insight into their business and customers and only get better at delivering solutions that get results.

How each project works

festina lente
Festina lente means make haste slowly. For me this means take the time to do things right the first time so you don't need to do it again.

I use the following process to manage expectations, speed the delivery of the project and provide results based on objective goals. The majority of my projects take from three weeks to three months to complete, depending on the work required.

It all starts with a discovery meeting where we discuss your organization’s objectives and the project in-depth. We may also interview customers and users, and conduct an audit of your current marketing and competition. Together we work to uncover what makes your company and products distinct.

With what we learn from discovery, we will create a project plan that clearly defines how we are going to go about meeting our objectives. We may also develop brand messaging and marketing strategy plans depending on your needs.

This is where it all comes together and you get to see the visual design of your new logo, website packaging and or collateral. We present options for your review and feedback and work with you to ensure that the final solution meets our stated objectives.

In the final phase we apply our approved design standards in building your website and creating print ready art for any packaging or collateral you require. As needed we also provide design standards, workflow documentation, and ongoing support to help you maintain your brand communications over the long haul.