Your business has an exceptional product or service and your customers love you…

…yet you struggle to tell your story in a meaningful way or your web site and marketing doesn't measure up vs. your competitors.

Maybe you’ve worked with a designer or small agency to create a website but it looks stale or uses the same stock photos you see everywhere else. Or you get a big bill every time you want to make a simple update.

Maybe you have top-shelf branding and packaging but you're struggling to create new products and collateral while keeping the brand on track and costs in line.

I'm a different breed of creative…

Unlike the majority of one-dimensional freelancers, I bring a broad spectrum of experience and capabilities to the table that can help you do things like:

  • Communicate your key differentiating strengths
  • Make your small business look bigger and better than your competition
  • Give you greater confidence when you present your value to potential customers
  • Increase customer engagement and sales

My service offerings

Brand Messaging

Identity and communicate your key differentiating strengths. Business owners are so immersed in the thousands of things they do to deliver exceptional products and services – it can be a real challenge to pull back and see what makes them great from the eyes of their audience. Through discussions with key stakeholders and customers, I identify common themes and organize them into a brand messaging framework that serves as a powerful tool for creating marketing content and guiding design.