Read what our customers have to say about us.

“Our investors noticed the new site and were very pleased. We are able to tell a very complicated story clearly and concisely on the web. Since the launch of the web we have had several unsolicited contacts from substantial and qualified prospects every week. It has turned out to be a great marketing tool.”

David Mather

Jim brings both sides of the matter into his solutions. It’s not just the visual element, but how it all works with what we are trying to achieve as a business. He understands the marketing side.

Scott WilliamsFounder, Lease Harbor

“Jim’s always solving the problem – not just making it look pretty.”

“James Eaton Design played an important role in the redesign of our Web site. We’ve received many compliments from our customers and seen a marked increased in our conversion rates. Jim’s work is top-notch and projects are always delivered on time.”

David Kaplan

“Call Jim Eaton if you prefer dealing with low-key, unflappable, reliable and gifted professionals. Jim combines the best of traditional and new media design capability to deliver concepts – not just pretty images. The only anxiousness you will have working with Jim is anticipating how far he will hit it out of the park.”

Michael O’Leary

“The ALRC had extensive educational professional development experience but was new to online training. Jim helped us organize our content so that it was clear, attractive, and formatted consistently. He suggested features and interactivity, and also listened and responded to our ideas and judgment. The online course has received high praise from both users & funders, and additional courses have been approved for development.”

Sue Barauski

Jim never shoots from the hip. He’s always looking at the big picture and helping us define what we want to accomplish before starting a project. He knows how to execute strategic plans while keeping everything consistent with our brand identity.

Rick LetiziaPresident, Wholesome Goodness

“It’s extremely hard to find competent, intelligent people who can connect the dots.”

When we came to Jim, we didn’t have a secure foundation for our online business and things were unorganized. Since we’ve launched our new site, Jim has managed all aspects of our e-commerce and marketing, and the business has done nothing but grow. The quality of everything is top-notch and people in our industry now want to follow our lead.

David SmithManaging partner, CMED, LLC

“The best business relationship I’ve ever had!”

“Jim focused on our objectives and respected the equity we had in our existing logo. He quickly assessed our needs and provided invaluable direction for accomplishing our goals. Having our marketing consistently packaged has enabled us to respond more quickly and uniformly across the organization, streamlining our sales cycle.

Scott Twyman

“Jim created our corporate identy, logo, letterhead, and inital website. He did a create job, we got many postive comments on his work. I have had the chance to refer Jim to my clients and they were very happy with his work also”

Gene DiMonte