Foothills Caring Corps

A charity with heart for helping their neighbors

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Foothills Caring Corps is a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older and disabled residents in their community near Scottsdale, Arizona. The organization wanted to improve volunteer engagement and fundraising efforts – but an out-of-date website and lack of continuity in their printed collateral were getting in the way.

Foothills Caring Corps Brochure
Foothills Caring Corps No. 10 Brochure

Warm, friendly, and easy to read

Through our discovery process, we determined that we wanted all materials to be simple, easy to read, and convey the warm, friendly spirit of the organization.

Working with the existing logo and primary brand color we developed a visual theme with an expanded color palette and bold graphic forms combined with real photography of the organization in action. The result is a look and feel entirely unique the FCC.

Legibility for aging eyes was a major driver for the site design. Keeping the content as direct and succinct as possible allowed for extra large type and a very simple straight-forward design.

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